writing songs

May 11, 2008

in each day for the last week, i’ve been battling a sleeping problem. i can’t seem to get more than 4 hours of sleep which is sad, because in the same week i’ve been sleepy in the office. that really bites because i got my circadian clock back on track in the prior months and now it’s broken again and i forgot how i fixed it in the first place.

so to battle the lack of sleep, i’ve been trying to write a song which i seem to be unable to do as well. i’m not sure what’s wrong with me so i think i need some professional help.

i was watching a bunch of smashing pumpkins videos when it hit me that i wanted to write the same kind of songs. so i picked up my intellectual guitar and starting visualizing songs while watching the videos. the problem is, even in my mind, i’m a very lousy musician. writing a song in my mind is pretty much the same when i pick up a real guitar.

however, 5 minutes prior to the start of this blog and five minutes after getting attacked by a swarm of ants, i kind of wrote two songs. 1 was a song i’ve been trying to build up since a month ago, then another one which just was a production of my constant murder of the guitar instrument.

this breakthrough made me want to call up my friend so we could do something about these songs but i guess i was too lazy again. it’s easier to write when you’re in the mood. in my case, i’m only in the mood once a week and only during the times that i need to sleep.


eminem and proof freestyle

May 5, 2008

every body thinks im this big rock fan who only listens to rock music. the truth is, i like almost all kinds of music (exceptions are trance, house, country, and filipino novelty music) including rap/hip hop.

my favorites include the roots, fugees, nelly, and eminem. i stumbled upon this eminem video on youtube freestylin with the late freestyle great, proof.

As you will see, this is documented proof of how well eminem & proof meshed when they freestyled together.


slump be broken

May 3, 2008

writing slump

the phrase would commonly be regarded by most people as writer’s block. but to me, a writing slump is just me getting either too bored to write anything, nothing to write about, or im just too lazy. my laziness has gotten the best of me most of the time. mostly with work and me writing in my blog. i got all these ideas to write about but when i think more about it i usually just do something else – like sleep.

so now that im over the slump, here are a few things i wanted to write about for the past 5 minutes.

a new phone

whenever i get a new phone, it’s usually because of my indecisiveness. i never know which phone to have for a year or two. when i see these other people who’s had their phones for a long time now, i always think: why can’t i be normal just like them? why can’t i just have one phone and not want to have another after about 6 months or so.

anyway, before i sent it off, i had to ask my friend if i could sell it. she sold me that phone and she kind of have a mutual attachement to it. i think i already talked about that in a previous post from a previous blog. i sold it to another friend who was just estatic upon receiving my offer at a very low price – she always wanted to have that phone. in fact, she was the first person i thought of when i decided to sell it.

my new phone is great. it doesn’t do much, but i think it’s great. im never really a big fan of all-in-one gadgets so i had to purchase my stuff like it was unique from my other stuff.

nowhere fast

just before i started writing, i was looking for music to listen to while writing. i initially looked for explosions in the sky since theyre an instrumental band and i don’t have to sing while listening to it. i was look for a good title when i stumbled upon an incubus b-side called crowded elevator. so before i started writing, i was singing along to the song. i was reading the lyrics when i realized that at a recent point in my life, i also was in the same situation. it was not a crowded elevator but it was an elevator nonetheless. i wanted to say something to somebody but i couldnt seem to let it out. of course a few months later, i let the million words and phrases out the tip of my tongue and now where together.

it’s quite cool how some songs seem to be written about you, only it was written because of this band’s experience. only goes to show that people have the same experiences everyday. it could be in a different setting, circumstance or time, but when you think on it, it’s all the same.

so after crowded elevator, i decided to listen to this other incubus song whose intro riff has been ringin in my head since the other day. reading the lyrics while singing to it, i realized that i’ve had the same experience a million times. not on the road though, but in my head.

ever worked on something then you get distracted a little and you start another thing then get distracted again and you end up doing a whole ‘nother thing from the one you started? it happens to me all the time. it contributes to my indecisiveness perhaps. but it’s just so hard to not look at a car crash.

speaking of nowhere fast, make yourself is now my favorite all-time album not because of the hit singles it produced, but because of the first five tracks, i miss you and battlestar schralactica.

kenan and kel

i just finished downloading 11gb, four seasons worth of orange-soda loving, whyyy-asking, slapstick comedy kenan and kel. it’s probably the first sitcom i ever favorited. now i’m fixed for the next two weeks until watch jack bauer.


weak weekend

April 27, 2008

summer slam

my weekend actually started as early as wednesday when my dad offered me “special tickets” to the 2008 pulp summer slam. let me state that i had no plans of going to that event. so why am i uninclined to going to one of the biggest music evens of each year?

  1. i think pulp has evolved into this advertisement monster magazine where most of their pages display ads instead of actual magazine content. they moved from covering great indie bands to pop sensations who can pay the space. it’s really sad, what happened to that magazine. to think i collected that when i was young.
  2. my cousin’s band wasn’t playing despite them being a crowd favorite when they played there two years ago. talk about music politics.
  3. i wasn’t gonna pay 200 bucks for standing up waiting for mediocre bands who i can barely hear, who’ll only play two songs, behind a net specially designed for;
  4. the annoying predominantly emo boy/fag crowd which really annoys me. they have taken over the music scene and i feel really sad about it.

so when my dad offered me the free “special tickets”, i said yes right off the bat. hey, it’s for free. it’s different when you have to pay. it made me feel less obligated about going. because if i bought the tickets myself, i set an expectation for myself that i should watch the band, else i wasted money on nothing. especially when they are “special tickets”

when i got the tickets from my dad, i learned that the “special tickets” were just like every other ticket. 200 bucks, with little consolations like a 50-peso discount on a souvenir shirt and free beer. it just wasn’t worth the endangerment of my life. if maybe i had vip tickets like the ones me and my friends had in the second summer slam, i’d give it a go. my girlfriend was itching to take band photos with her new D40. however, because of the predictably unsettled crowd, we decided to not go because it was too dangerous.

cco team building

after months of waiting, my department finally had a summer outing. it was kind of late given the loss of two teammates who were unhappy enough to leave the company. what a bummer. while we were planning for a good getaway, they were planning for real getaways. a funny and bumming experience.

let me tell you again that i am not the kind of person who likes to be in beaches, outdoor activities or whatnot. however, i still went because it was free. free, is a very big word for me since i had to get everything that i own right now for my self. it’s kind of sad if you think about it. but i’m just nobody and nobody should feel bad about nobody.

the team building went great except i hurt majority of my body. hips, arms, feet, hands, anything you can probably see was aching. now. i’ve been hurt before. but not this way. i’m even surprised that i can move my fingers.

finally, some sleep

so after hours of clashing with the wind and waves, we went on a 4-hour drive back to the office. my back was already longing for my bed. my hair, crying for my pillows. and my eyes crying for the dark. my whole body is weak, beaten up like a karate underdog.


too busy slacking off

April 21, 2008

last friday, i picked up some movies to watch for the long weekend. i had an extra day off, so i planned on just staring at my tv.

i started with the office’s 4th season which was f*ckin awesome. i think it has eclipsed friends as my all-time favorite sitcom. seriously, it kills me. there was one episode where they argue about which is the correct word to use between “whoever” and “whomever”. man, i thought i was gonna die laughing. jenna fischer is so cute. which reminds me, my latest celebrity crush is michelle monaghan. see, after watching a movie, i often visit its imdb page. and everytime i get to the imdb front page, i see a picture of this very attractive woman. turns out her name was michelle monaghan and she was on the last few movies i saw including heartbreak kid. she’s so adorable. she’s like one of the people who enjoys laughing – just like cameron diaz, only michelle is way cuter.

anyway, after the office, i had 30 rock, something which i have been hearing a lot about. the amazing thing about this show is it stars tina fey, who created the show based on her experiences with saturday night live. besides creating the show, she also writes and produces most of the episodes. absolutely amazing. although i think kel mitchell would be a better fit for tracy morgan’s outrageous character, tracy jordan. they have other hilarious characters there. there’s this black dude they call twofor, which stands for “two for one” because you get a black guy and a harvard graduate. plus there’s this other writer played by judah friedlander who always wears a trucker’s cap with crazy words on it like “done deal” or “hand held”. the show, however is not entirely funny but it has its moments.

i also got clerks, kevin smith’s first movie about two clerks going through “another day in the office”. the comedy depicts how some people who serve you, might now like you. much like people who work in fast food restos.

speaking of fast food, i also saw supersize me. i always wanted to see that documentary, but i guess i never really had the chance or the best mood to see it. however, i came across it’s cd when i was shopping for the two latter mighty ducks movies (i know, i know. but i’ve been wanting to see it again since last week when i had nothing to watch but the first mighty ducks. i think i’m on a phase where i want to re-watch some movies i’ve seen before but it doesnt necessarily mean that the movie is great. like the jason bourne trilogy which i also saw again this weekend). i told my girlfriend that the reason i was watching it was because i wanted to scare myself – which worked. at the end of the movie, i immediately texted her saying i badly needed to go to the gym (she has always opposed the idea of me going to the gym because she doesn’t like guys who have strong muscly bodies. she always doesn’t like for me to get dental braces because it makes one look like a rich kid). and it had me thinking of posting ads in our cafeteria about fast food and its effects (right now, our office pantry constantly shows facts about aids in africa (i’m not against the idea but i think everybody already knows everything about it since 1999).

so all in all, my weekend was a success but it had its shortcomings. like right now, i haven’t slept enough to get ready for work and i am spending the last few minutes of my supposed sleeping time by writing about it.


donnie’s gone

April 18, 2008

for 11 weeks, i’ve been watching one of the funniest DIY series on youtube, you suck at photoshop hosted be donnie hoyle. however, because of marital and legal problems, he went away to a nice place.

#11: vanishing point

sn4tchbuckl3r’s tribute to donnie


i am one critical b-word

April 14, 2008

i was trying to get the program listing for RPN 9 when i noticed that they changed their website. usually, when you change something, it gets better. however, their website got worse. luckily, they posted the email addresses of their marketing executives so i gave them a piece of my mind.

Good day sirs:
I would like to start my email by throwing the argument that the truth will almost always hurt and that the truth will set you free. Which in other words, mean that you must cherish any frank remarks that people throw at you.
With that said;
I think the new RPN 9 website design has been atrociously done. It’s very slow to load and I think your network wasted a lot of money to pay this dirty minded company (pun intended). The marquee text on top is a lame way of putting content to the website (we are not in 1998), the background theme of the page is corny, and did I mention it’s too slow?
Why am I all concerned?
If you want to play a role in the local network wars (I think bringing in C/S is genius. You give opportunity to a lot of people who don’t have cable and are craving for more than the usual things they see from ABS-CBN and GMA), one big step is to build a nice, cool website that everybody can use – not something that a 13-year old can do.
You should put money in independent web designers. Try searching the web. Browse deviantart, or check out this designer I just found, http://www.reynan.com/. These indie artist would be more than happy to make your website for you and they’ll do it using their outrageous minds. Also, a blog-type website could be useful for you. You can put in daily updates, thoughts from the newscasters themselves, the news you want to show, whatever you could think of. Be creative (unlike this thing that you call your website).
All I’m saying is that we’re living in fast times nowadays, and being old-school is not gonna cut.

i’m not saying that i am credible or anything, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that their site looks stupid. all i want is for it to be faster than it is right now.