jason lee, not the actor

June 10, 2008

i’ve been a fan of jason lee since my girlfriend told me that earl and randy were like spongebob and patrick. i then started noticing him from movies like jersey girl and almost famous. then after watching alvin and the chipmunks (which at first i had no interest in watching but since jason lee’s in there…), i browsed upon earl’s imdb profile and learned that he was a former skater! not just that – a pro boarder! so i started looking for youtube videos. imdb says he was in sonic youth’s 100% skateboarding video so i watched that. it was fun seeing him at a young age – to the point that i’m laughing when there’s nothing to laugh at. then i stumbled upon this video. turns out, he was a legend. read his wikipedia profile.


One comment

  1. ang tagal mong mag update ng blog ah. hahaha

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