have a nice life

May 14, 2008

i’m writing this because i want to congratulate my former co-workers who finally tied the knot after who knows how many years they’ve been together. the way they jel together and their chemistry, i say they’ll have a wonderful life living together as a family. i wish them a nice life.

now back to talking about me.

i never could imagine my self getting married to anyone except with my girlfriend right now. i know, i know, i’ve said a lot of things before but it only makes this one extra special. because this time, i’m proving that i am for real, and this is for real. however, we’re not at that point where we want to marry each other yet which is something that i really like about her. we’re not hurrying things up (a major major personal mistake in the past). we’re not talking about it, or about kids – but we do talk about kids our own. and the most important part, we are determined to make things work which i think is essential to every relationship (i learned this from my good friend). at one hand i feel really bad that i am learning this just now (maybe it comes with age and along with a bulging belly), but on the other hand all those other break ups led me here so it’s really hard to regret it.

so to my readers (yeah, all five of you), if you want to be as happy as my friends are, all you need to have are committment, trust, and most of all faith. oh yeah, love is good too.



  1. tnx charles! 🙂

  2. :]

  3. aruuu..

  4. aruu ka jan

  5. good for you.

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