ranting mood

May 11, 2008

before i start, i just want to say that the office, the ever-terrific office, made social networking sites legal again. and not only the ones i used to use (multiply), they also legalized the rest of them (frisdfjkanjister, myspace).

the first one to be legalized (man i feel like i’m talking about marijuana right now) was facebook. this was because dell sponsored a group in facebook and i guess they wanted everybody to join the regeneration movement. it was no surprise to me really, it was funny.

however, just days after legalizing facebook, they’ve blocked digg.com because it was stupidly classified as a dating website. a dating website? how? that’s probably one of the most idiotic decisions i have evern seen.

anyway, back to the ranting mood; i was browsing a network site when i got into this ranting mood which i rarely get into nowadays. one of my pet peeves is the use of keyboard network shortcuts. but not like LOL or ROFL or the like. i mean those shortcuts that filipinos use such as using the letter Q in place of K; or removing all the vowels and what not. sometimes, letter cases are used alternately. and the most annoying of all, and annoying being an understatement, bad grammar. never use the english language if you’re gonna murder it on your profile for everyone to see. the grammar police is gonna come after you and will beat you up like cutty’s punching sack.

and what is up with all the graphic comments? it’s a friggin comment for goodness’ sake, not deviant art. whatever happened to testimonials that will say something about the person? whatever happened to good old fashioned descriptive words?



  1. natawa ko dito ahh! hehe.. “sTiCkY cApS” , ganyan ba un?! hehe. :]

  2. Isa lang masasabi ko, sampung dosenang tanga ang nagsabing dating site ang digg.

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